"Commerce is the interchange of goods or services through business or trade."

GreenStep has developed a Trade & Barter System and various Cooperatives to help everyone make money and save money. Thus, enabling them to become Free, Independent and Secure. Our Commerce division has 5 main categories:

Trade & Barter

GreenStep's Trade & Barter Network membership is now available to the public. Barter saves cash, increases profits, and decreases the cost of doing business. In our down economy, GreenStep Trade & Barter allows everyone the opportunity to trade or barter property or services instead of spending their hard-earned money. Save your cash and find new customers now.

When you become a member of GreenStep Co-operatives, you will automatically become a member of our trade and barter network. Best of all, basic membership is FREE!

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Affiliate Opportunities

GreenStep has Affiliate opportunities with Cooperative membership. We offer 2 types of affiliation: Non-Territory & Territory. As a Mom-Territory Affiliate, we offer referral fees and commissions as well as offer Corporate  Opportunities in Sales and Engineering. Out Territory Affilaition is a joint venture partnership with GreenStep in a designated area. 

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GreenStep Foods Co-operative

This membership offers you the opportunity to buy food from either commercial or residential Co-op members who are selling their locally grown foods. There are three Tiers (or classifications) of food available for purchase:

Tier 1 - Organically grown and fortified super food that has the highest nutrition and flavor. This superior food is grown within our Managed Farms which follow FDA standards and are grown using GreenStep's state-of-the-art technologies.

Tier 2 - Grown organically by Co-op members on their own land. It is considered to be a high quality organic food. These farmers may or may not use our advanced fertilizer and some of our other technologies depending on their growing preference and technique.

Tier 3 - Food grown by Co-op members on their own land but not grown organically. There may be the use of herbicides and pesticides depending on the growing preference and technique of the individual farmer. This is a wonderful way to obtain top-quality produce, locally grown at great prices.

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GreenStep Farms Cooperative

This membership offers those interested in farming their own foods the opportunity to purchase GreenStep Farms Technologies for their own growning needs at WHOLESALE prices. This includes GreenStep Farm's Nutrients, Grow Medium and Lighting technologies. Our products are specifically designed to enhance the growth and quality of any foods you choose to grow.

These products are the highest quality products on the market today and are now available at a fraction of the retail cost to all GreenStep Farms Cooperative Members.

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GreenStep Farms Managed Member

As a Managed Member, you are given the option to rent/lease modules in our farm cooperatives. These farms are managed under a Steward Member who uses our state-ot-the-art, licensed farming technologies. You will then be able to reap the harvest of your module for yourself, or sell it to GreenStep Farms. This is an awesome way to farm nutritious and delicious, Teir 1 quality foods without having to do the work!


GreenStep's Commerce division is just one more way we are helping you become Free, Independent & Secure!


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