Corporate Opportunity

GreenStep Corporate Opportunities are Non-Territory Affiliates who work with GreenStep in referring people, or selling products and services. There are many levels of advancement within the Non-Territory division dependent on training and sales.  You can earn a simple referral fee, or commission up to 50%! Our Non Territory division has 3 area of expertise: Marketing, Sales, Engineering. 


Entry level affiliates begin in the Marketing division. In fact, most all of our team operates within the category. Only through specialized training and affiliate business expansion enables one to advance to the Sales or Engineering fields. Marketing offers great benefits and income to anyone at any level. Below you will see a chart of advancement and the details and benefits designated to each.



For those who are eager to create a more lucrative income for themselves and are willing to specialize, Sales would be the level they would want to attian. At our highest commission earning potential, our sales team works with our Marketing team closely with every sale to help finalize purchases. To advance to these levels requireds completion of certain criteria and can prove to be extremely rewarding! 



Engineering Specialists are Corporate employed and work hand-in-hand with the above said teams. This is an exclusive opportunity that holds fantastic opportunities and reward. They also work with, assist, and oversee Sales and Marketing purchases.


GreenStep is striving everyday to provide new advanced technologies and opportunities for everyone in an effort to bring them all on "Green Step" closer to becoming Free, Independent & Secure! This could be the answer you are looking for. Don't wait, find out more today!

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