As a company, GreenStep Energy's main directive is to help everyone become Free, Independent and Secure in all their energy needs. In order to achieve complete energy independence, GreenStep Energy has many different divisions and products available. Whether you want to increase the energy efficiency of your home or become completely self sufficient, we have all the products and technology needed. 


GreenStep Lighting is specifically designed to be extremely cost & energy efficient. We offer 4 different types of energy effiecient lighting: LED, Intelli-HID, Eternal Flourescent and RaLights. Uses for these products range from Commercial, Industrial, Residential and even Wellness & Farming. If you are interested in upgrading your lighting, we have just what you are looking for. Read More

Intelligent Motors

Intelligent Motor Control is fast becoming an 'Industry Standard' as responsible Managers and Home Owners are recognizing that with the on-going turbulence in energy prices they cannot leave their motors running inefficiently with no control. The effective control of motor driven applications offers a very real opportunity to offset energy price rises, and defend (or increase) profit margins. Read More

Intelligent Controls

Tesla power-free Wireless Controls are used in a wide variety of applications including: energy-wise lighting, HVAC control, hospitality energy management, classroom automation, building remodeling and retro-fit projects. By eliminating the need for expensive wiring, Tesla products are particularly popular in commercial building projects. Because Tesla controls do not require batteries, they are maintenance-free, saving ongoing labor and materials costs. Read More

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy is usable energy created with the intent to replace standard fossil fuel sources of energy, without the undesirable consequences. Our Alternative Energy technologies are all renewable energy products generated from natural resources. Our Alternative Energy Division comprises of 5 different forms of energy production: Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Hydro and Biofuel. Read More


There are many different programs and services available to help anyone who is interested in becoming more energy efficient. GreenStep Energy hosts a variety of these programs and services in an effort to help everyone become Free, Independent and Secure. Read More

Gyro Garden and Gyro Farm


RaLight Grow Lamps