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Experience the incredible performance of out Organic Fossil Composts! Organic Fossil Compost is our granular nutrients line is designed specifically for root feeding. Whether it is mixed into the soil or sprinkled on top of the soil and watered in. Our composts contain active vitamins and minerals that were only available when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The animals were enormous and so were the plants, because of the immense nutrients that were once available in the soil. Imagine having that very same super-food and super-nutrient for your plants today.


Now you can! Our Nutrients is derived from organic, fossilized earth dating back millions of years. With our unique processes we are able to provide the best nutrient products available on the planet. From granular compost nutrient to liquid fertilizers and foliar sprays, our nutrient products will super-charge your plants health and production.


We have developed unique compounds that have been precisely formulated to produce specified benefits according to your different wants and needs. Some of these benefits are:


  • Green-up with Substantial Growth
  • Green-up without Growth
  • Increased Flower/Fruit Production
  • Increased Health and Life-span
  • Increased Nutrient Availability
  • Salt Buffers & Neutralizers
  • Increased Disease and Pest Resistance
  • Improved Soil Characteristics
  • Increased Microbial Activity
  • Organic Pesticide



Humic Essentials:

Humic Essentials is the finest, all-natural, granular nutrient product available today. It is certified organic and OMRI listed. Humic Essentials is the foundation of all our custom humic acid products. Soil activity is naturally enhanced with vital humic, fulvic and amino acids, resulting in healthier roots and plants. The uncommonly high carbon content guarantees balanced carbon-to-nitrogen ratios necessary for maintaining healthy soil for your plants. This product promotes soil activity and improves the characteristics of the soil, provides instant, measured release of nitrogen, is a great source of Sulfur and Iron, stimulates beneficial microbial activity, as well as increases nutrient availability and resistance to disease and pests.


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Humic Essentials + Iron:

While Humic Essentials + Iron is designed for use on all turfs and ornamentals, it is supremely effective on fairways, roughs and other large areas. The unique blend of Nitrogen, Iron and Humates was formulated to surpass traditional fertilizers in producing both rapid green-up and long-lasting color, without a rapid growth surge. Humic Essentials + Iron's vital humic, fulvic and amino acids produce more soil activity, resulting in the ongoing benefit of healthy roots and plants. Other benefits of Humic Essentials + Iron include increased soil CEC, stimulating beneficial microbial activity while also improving soil characteristics, and buffers and/or neutralizes salts.


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Humic Enhancer 0-5-0: 

Humic Enhancer 0-5-0 is the ultimate salt fighting, microbial stimulating and Carbon/Nitrogen ratio correcting substance. Not just a plant fertilizer, it serves as a dietary supplement for life promoting microorganisms. Formulated to provide all the benefits of Humic Essentials, as well as Calcium and Phosphorous to feed plants and microbes while controlling salts.


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Humic Enhancer 2-5-6:

Humic Enhancer 2-5-6 is a quality granular product for superior results on golf course greens, ornamentals and other high maintenance turfs. This unique formula combines organic nutrients and natural bio-stimulants including Humic Acid, Norwegian Sea Kelp and Dextrose with soy meal, yielding a fantastic food source that arouses the highest microbial activity. Also included is a soft rock phosphate which provides a great source of calcium and phosphorous. Humic Enhancer 2-5-6 is tremendously proficient in digesting thatch, cleans soil of toxins/chemicals & buffers/neutralizes salts while increasing nutrient availability.


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Humic Enhancer 5-3-1:

Humic Enhancer 5-3-1 provides a complete NPK feeding plus all the life promoting benefits of Organic Fossil Fertilizer, making it perfect for general landscape installments and maintenance. It provides all the benefits of Humic Essentials + Iron as well as Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium and Calcium. It is especially effective in new plantings, over-seeding and pre-plant for sod and hydro-seeding. The blend of organic nutrients and natural bio-stimulants provides a quick, long lasting color enhancement without excessive growth.


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Humic Enhancer 8-2-4:

Humic Enhancer 8-2-4 is the ultimate fertilizer and soil conditioner in one. It is formulated to be equally effective on turf, trees, shrubs and flowers. It contains both immediate and slow-release Nitrogen with the perfect amount of Iron, Phosphorous and Potassium. Humic Enhancer 8-2-4 provides quick green-up and long lasting color plus all the life-promoting benefits of our Organic Fossil Nutrients.


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Humic Enhancer 8-8-8:

Humic Enhancer 8-8-8 is a premium granular blend of Humic Acid, natural conditioners, essential nutrients and bio-stimulants. It is especially effective for , not only turfs, but also trees, shrubs and flowers as well.  The Nitrogen is specifically formulated to provide a long, slow release for an extended green. This product is designed to bring the C/N ratio into perfect balance. Humic Enhancer 8-8-8 is an absolute must for rapid fill-in and high stress areas like those in front of soccer goals.


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Fossil Diatoms (Diatomaceous Earth):

Fossil Diatoms are one of our exclusive, super-power products. This is pure diatomaceous earth (amorphous silica), making this a super component to your soil. Fossil Diatoms absorb pathogens such as bacteria, protozoa, viruses and fungi, aiding in the overall health and strength of the plant. as well as absorbs and removes pesticides, heavy metals and drug residues. Fossil Diatoms amazing absorbing qualities also increase soils water-holding abilities. Fossil Diatoms is also an incredibly effective organic pesticide that controls aphids, mites, snails, slugs and thripe without harming worms or beneficial microorganisms found in soil.


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Now your "Green Thumb" can be a "GreenStep Thumb." Experience the difference!


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