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 GreenStep Farms is a revolutionary paradigm to crop production. Rather than growing through traditional methods, GreenStep Farms incorporates layers of new technologies that allow crops to grow under extremely ideal conditions. Whether you are growing traditionally outdoors or alternatively indoors, we have products to increase crop production, flavor and nutrient levels. All of our farming technologies are completely organic and superior to all other farming products. There are 4 main technology catagories in our farming division:

    Nutrients        Gyro Farm         Water Farm         RaLight



GreenStep's Fossil Nutrient is organic fertilizer that comes from fossilized earth and plants. This fossilized earth offers superior nutrients that are no longer available in the soil today. With granular and liquid nutrients and 19 formulas to choose from, we have amazing organic nutrients to fit your needs. Click here to learn more.

Gyro Gardens & Farms:

Imagine being able to grow 1/3 acre of fresh produce in your very own home, year round! This amazing Gyro Garden by GreenStep is a self contained growing unit that can do just that. With our patented lights and grow meduim, it is superior to all other indoor growing methods and produces superior product as well. Click here to learn more.


GreenStep's WaterFarm is an atmospheric water generator designed to extract pure, perfect, delicious drinking water straight from the air.  All our components are the most advanced, and highest quality available anywhere in the World. The series of filters in the WaterFarm clean, then finally remineralize, the water making it the healthiest water available to you. GreenStep's residential WaterFarm is also the most energy efficient water generator available on the market today and is capable of running off solar power. Click here to learn more.


RaLights are the closest lights in the world to replicating the sun. With a full spectrum of color (CRI of 92 or higher) and all the other necessary properties for successful plant growth, RaLights offer the best indoor grow lights in the world! If you are hoping sprout your garden seeds, or grow year round indoors, RaLights will prove to be the best. Click here to learn more.

Farming & Food Co-operatives:

GreenStep Farms is a revolutionary paradigm to crop production. Rather than growing through traditional methods, GreenStep Farms incorporates layers of new technologies that allow crops to grow under extremely ideal conditions. These conditions mimic natural circumstances by introducing nutrient and growing methods that are not normally realized by traditional farming. With this infusion of extremely beneficial circumstances, coupled with ideal, natural, yet protective and sustainable Eco-System environment, GreenStep Farms provide the world's needs for mass and quality production of crops worldwide. GreenStep Farms products are far above organic (lacking bad things) but are actually more nutrient rich. Below is a short explanation of the different segments within the GreenStep Farms business scope.

GreenStep Farms will be providing cooperative memberships to leverage the equipment, technology, know how, and employees via Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Licenses (memberships) to grow most of the world crops for several different channels. These channels are:

Type Example
Food Crops Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Grains, *Meat, etc.
Agricultural Crops Alfalfa, Grass, Oats, etc.
Bio-Mass/Fuel Crops Switch grass, Corn, Bamboo, etc.
Microbial Crops Algae, Non-Pathogenic Bacteria, etc.
Flower Crops Roses, Medicinal flowers, etc.
Meat Farms Fish, Poultry & Eggs, Beef, Pork, etc.
Seed Farms Crops designed to replenish heirloom & non-GMO seed base
Water Farms Drinking & Culinary Water

* Meat production will come from livestock farms that are fed our organic products grown in GreenStep Farm facilities.

GreenStep Farms will be establishing both independent and managed memberships under farming co-operatives. Independent memberships will allow members to utilize a wide variety of products and services, whereas, the managed memberships will utilize the entire suite of our super-farming technologies. These managed members will contract with our Exclusive Licensee (known as Stewards) under a variety of farming contracts, partnerships and joint venture opportunities in order to expand the GreenStep Farms typology and philosophy.

Independent Members are intended to layer GreenStep Farming technologies into the operations of an independent entity. These Members will be limited in the farm suite offering. Independent Members may include:

Type Example
Community Farm City, Home Owners Association
Commercial Farm Traditional Farmer, County or State/Province
Corporate Farm Company needing specific crops for end products
GyroGardens Residential Home Grow Units

Managed Members are intended to provide GreenStep Farming technologies to an end user directly, usually our own Food Co-Operative. These members work with Exclusive Licensees (Stewards) operating under the GreenStep Farm, usually as a separate co-operative. Managed Members will assist us with meeting farming contract obligations. Managed Memberships may include: 

Type Example
Farmers Markets Retail Space for GreenStep Farms
Foods Food Crops
Poultry Farms Chicken and Turkey Crops & Eggs
Fish Farms Trout, Catfish, Tilapia, Shrimp, Clam
Floral Farms Flower Crops
Fuel Farms Bio-mass and Bio-fuel Crops
Agriculture Farms Agricultural Crops
Meat Farms Pork and Beef Crops
Microbial Farms Algae and Non-Pathogenic Bacteria
Family Farms Residential Home Grow Units, within our Eco-System






Gyro Garden and Gyro Farm


RaLight Grow Lamps