GreenStep Foods Cooperative

Fresh Produce

GreenStep Foods Cooperative offers members the opportunity to buy food from either commercial or residential Co-op members, who are selling their locally-grown foods. There are three Tiers (or classifications) of food available for purchase.

Tier 1- Organically grown and fortified super food that has the highest nutrition and flavor. This superior food is grown within our Managed Farms, which exceed FDA standards, are grown using GreenStep's state-of-the-art technologies. This is a wonderful way to obtain top-quality produce, locally grown at great prices.

Tier 2- Grown organically by Co-op members on their own land, considered to be a high quality organic food. These farmers may or may not use our advanced fertilizer and some of our other technologies, depending on their growing preference and technique.

Tier 3- Food grown by Co-op members on their own land but not grown organically. There may be the use of herbicides and pesticides, depending on the growing preference and technique of the individual farmer.

GreenStep Gyro Farming technologies are the magic behind our amazing Tier 1 foods. This technology incorporates a vertical farm concept along with a dynamic automation process that not only grows plants in an optimal space requirement, but actually helps plants to grow stronger in a shorter time-frame. Coupled with our incredible nutrient-rich fertilizers, we literally grow the highest nutrient rich foods indoors, all year long!



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