Gyro Garden and Gyro Farm

Gyro Overview

GreenStep Farms Gyro technologies incorporates a vertical farm concept along with a dynamic automation process that not only grows plants in an optimal space requirement, but actually helps plants to grow stronger in a shorter time-frame. The Gyro is designed to grow consistently, all year long.

How it Works

The Gyro holds plants in place, due to the water wicking, grow mediums (Fossil Fertilizer Grow Plugs). The gyro delivers just the right amount of nutrient exactly when needed to the plant through an automated synchronized process to insure proper nutrient delivery and frequency.

Once watered, the system drains away the unused nutrient water automatically and rotates the plant away from the water and around the specialized RaLight, grow light system. The plants actually experience a cartwheel-like spin that puts them sideways. The plants are always in proximity to the lights, as they rotate around the light. Once the orbit is done, usually about 1-hour rotation, the plants are realigned straight up again, ready for another feeding, if needed.


Energy & Space Efficiency

By doing this, a large number of plants can grow around one light system. (In other vertical farm designs, a 4’x4’x14’ grow tower, having 4 vertical shelves had the samenumber of plants but required 4 Times the lights to accomplish this). Temperature stratification also occurred in traditional vertical systems. Less powerful pump motors are also used, as only a fraction of the water volume is now needed to pump only a very short distance, as opposed to up 15 feet on a vertical tower. Any heat that is generated by the lighting system is immediately removed, as the RaLight is also its own ventilation unit. With the very low energy draw, alternative energy products like solar panels can run them, and water farms can harvest water from the air to provide the needed water.

Why Spin the Plants Around?

This orbit process, actually works out the plants! Not only does it make room for other plants to be fed, the plants actually process the nutrients faster as they are rotated. This effect of fighting gravity in a myriad of angles causes the plant to fight to stay erect. This opposition to the plant causes it to use up more energy to grow and stay sturdy. This is very similar to human being stretching and exercising. Some plants have shown a 5 Times increase in production than those not put through the Gyro process.

Gyro Options

Gyros come with a number of options that further its superiority over conventional hydroponics and earth bound types. The Gyro can be completely sustainable and off the energy grid. Different Gyro Crop (grow tubes of differing size and hole spacing) can be interchanged to allow different types of crops to be produced off the same Gyro infrastructure. The radius size of the Gyro can be expanded or contracted to allow differing height of plants to operate in the same crop. The Gyro also comes in differing lengths (5’, 10’, 12’ 15’) and different diameter sizes to accommodate different crop types and their orientation to the light (4’, 8’, 15’) are also available.

Note: The 4’ diameter Gyro Garden is the only residential option available for purchase. All other Gyro Farms, larger diameter than 4’ and longer length than 5’, are considered Commercial Size and are made available through joint venture opportunities with GreenStep.

GreenStep's Residential Gyro Garden Package includes:

  • 4.5' x 5.5' x 5.5' Gyro Structure
  • 30 day supply of GreenStep's Fossil Nutrients
  • 30 day supply of GreenStep's Fossil Grow Medium (382 plugs)
  • Free Set-up within 100 miles of SLC, UT Showroom


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q- How much energy does the Gyro Garden use?
A- GreenStep’s Gyro Garden uses only 250 Watts, making this the only rotating garden that is energy efficient enough to operate on solar power.  This system was successfully designed to be the most efficient rotating garden in the world.
Q- How much food can the Residential Gyro Garden grow?
A- GreenStep’s Residential Gyro Garden is designed according to the type of food it will grow. Gyro’s built for smaller plants, like lettuce and herbs, will hold about 400 plant units.  Gyro’s built for larger plants, like tomatoes or pepper plants, will hold 200 plant units.  The residential Gyro Garden can grow up to 1/3 acre of food per year.
Q- How much water does the Gyro Garden need?
A- The Gyro Garden is a self contained system that holds 8 gallons of water. The plants, however, only use about 2 gallons per day, making this extremely efficient with water usage. This is an ideal unit for indoor use and/or emergencies.
Q- How is your Gyro Farm different from other rotating gardens?
A- There are 3 things that set GreenStep’s Gyro Garden above the rest. 

1- Lighting – RaLights are the closest lights in the world to replicating the sun. These lights enable you to grow indoors under one light, from sprout to harvest, with outstanding results. RaLights are ideal for starting plants, greening and growing, flowering, and fruiting. RaLights are setting the new standard of superiority with indoor farming and gardening.
2- Nutrients - GreenStep Fossil Nutrients is our proprietary fertilizers are derived from organic, fossilized earth dating back millions of years, providing the best product available. By super-charging the plants with nutrients, your produce will have superior nutrient content, color and flavor organically.
3- Grow Medium - GreenStep’s Grow Medium are a sponge-like material made of composted tree bark and other organic materials then filled with GreeStep Fossil Nutrients. This creates a nutrient rich soil-like environment perfect for any seedling or cutting. This type of stabilized rooting material allows for easier, cleaner handling and transplanting, when compared to potting soils.  As well as dramatic monetary savings compared to Rockwool. 
Q- Is GreenStep’s Gyro Garden for indoor use only?
A- Our Gyro Garden is designed for indoor use only, or an environment where temperatures can be regulated. We offer Thermal Covers for the Gyro Garden to assist with temperature regulation, if you prefer to have it in you garage or shed. If you live in a climate that does not drop too low in temperature, then the Thermal Cover will not be necessary. Providing a warm temperature environment for Gyro Garden use is essential, because plants can only thrive if temperatures are accurate.

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Gyro Garden and Gyro Farm


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