GreenStep's Life Division was designed with one purpose in mind... to better our lives, and the lives around us.

There are a variety of ways we can improve our way of life. GreenStep's Life Division incorporates a wide variety of products and services that are geared towards creating and supporting health and wellness in hopes that you, your family, and all those around you, can achieve a healthier way of life.

There are four Categories within our Life Division: 


GreenStep Wellness is the integration and application of a wide array of holistic health and wellness products. GreenStep Wellness offers exclusive health products designed to increase you and your family's health. We are committed to bringing you the best practitioners and services available in Integrative & Holistic Medicine and the healing arts. Click here to learn more.


GreenStep Foods Cooperative offers members the opportunity to buy food from either commercial or residential Co-op members, who are selling their locally-grown foods. GreenStep's Gyro Farming technologies are the magic behind our amazing foods. This technology incorporates a vertical farm that helps plants to grow stronger in a shorter time-frame. Coupled with our incredible, nutrient-rich fertilizers, we literally grow the highest nutrient rich foods indoors, all year long! Click here to learn more.


GreenStep Farms is a revolutionary paradigm to crop production. Rather than growing through traditional methods, GreenStep Farms incorporates layers of new technologies that allow crops to grow under extremely ideal conditions. These conditions mimic natural circumstances. However, they introduce excellent nutrient and growing methods that are not normally realized by traditional farming. Click here to learn more.

Preparedness & Survival

Being prepared and ready for an emergency is a very important part of becoming Free, Independent & Secure. With GreenStep's new Preparedness & Survival Category, we offer top-of-the-line products designed to aid you in an emergency. Our wide variety of products and services will ensure your ability to survive and thrive. You never know when it could happen to you. Don't be left unprepared! Click here to learn more.

Each of these categories offer the highest quality products and services to bring everyone one "GreenStep" closer to health, happiness and security. Making our Life Division a crucial part of becoming Free, Independent & Secure!



Gyro Garden and Gyro Farm


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