GreenStep Energy has a very extensive line of high quality LED lighting for residential, outdoor/area and commercial lighting solutions. LED lighting can consume 50-75% less power than today’s conventional incandescent, halogen, fluorescent or HID lighting which will dramatically reduce energy costs. LED lamp life is 50,000 to 100,000 hours, almost 5 to 10 times longer than that of today’s conventional lighting reducing maintenance cost. Read More



GreenStep Energy offers the most advanced Electronic Ballast in the World for HID Lamps. Our intimate knowledge of properties of HID lamps has allowed us to developed control algorithms that constantly analyze the state of the gas within the HID lamp as well as the state of the electrical supply in order to ensure optimal performance of the HID lamp. In doing so, not only is the lumen output of the HID lamp always at its optimum, the amount of energy consumed is greatly reduced, and the overall life of the lamp is substantially improved. Read More


Eternal Flourescent 

The new patented Eternal Fluorescent Lighting (EFL) technology is essentially a fluorescent lamp without electrodes, cathodes or filaments. With the absence of electrodes, the lamp relies on the fundamental principles of gas discharge and electromagnetic induced current to produce light. The result of this is a lamp with an unmatched life span Lasting up to 120,000 hours, This system can last longer than 100 incandescent lamps, 5 HID, or 5 typical fluorescent lamp changes. The basic technology for EFL lamps is not particularly new. The principle of EFL was introduced to the world by the scientist Nicola Tesla in the 1800’s.  Tesla once lit 200 lamps without wires from 25 miles away. Read More


RaLight Grow Lights

Plants "see" light differently than human beings do. As a result, lumens, lux or footcandles should not be used to measure light for plant growth since they are measures used for human visibility. More correct measures for plants are PAR watts, PPF PAR and YPF PAR, although each in itself does not tell the whole story. In addition to quantity of light, considerations of quality are important, since plants use energy in different parts of the spectrum for critical processes. The RaLight Grow Light Technology provides the same quality and quantity of light that is in the natural setting from the sun. That makes this the perfect indoor grow lighting technology. Read More


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RaLight Grow Lamps