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Enjoy the superior performance of GreenStep Farms organic grow mediums!Our grow mediums are infused with active vitamins and minerals that were only available when dinosaurs roamed the earth; this is done by incorporating our amazing Fossil Nutrients to every medium we sell. Imagine having those very same super-nutrients that made pre-historic plants so impressive, for your plants today. Now you can!


GreenStep Grow Plugs are a sponge-like material made of composted tree bark and other organic materials then filled with GreenStep Fossil Nutrients. This creates a nutrient rich soil-like environment perfect for any seedling or cutting. This type of stabilized rooting material allows for easier, cleaner handling and transplanting, when compared to potting soils.


The optimal air-to-water ratio within the environment of these plugs results in dynamic root growth that will super-charge your plants sprouting, rooting, and overall growth. Our grow plugs can be used with any traditional gardening methods and hydroponic gardening as well.


There are many different styles and sizes to choose from:


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With our unique processes we are able to provide the best product available on the planet! Give your seeds the best start possible by growing them in a nutrient-rich environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- Is GreenStep’s Grow Medium Organic?
A- Yes.  GreenStep’s Grow Medium are a sponge-like material made of composted tree bark and other organic materials then filled with GreeStep Fossil Nutrients. They are biodegradable and completely organic.
Q- Can GreenStep Grow Medium be reused?
A- Yes, in a hydroponic scenario, our Grow Medium can be reused 2-3 times. 
Q- How does GreenStep Grow Medium compare to Rockwool?
A – There are 3 main things that make GreenStep’s Grow Medium superior to Rockwool.
Monetary Savings - This statement is based on the use of Rockwool in a rotating garden verses our grow medium in the Gyro Garden. Other rotating gardens use 3x3 or 3x4 Rockwool cubes, which are a single use product. Our grow medium, if used properly, can be reused 2-3 times. Also, GreenStep’s Grow Medium is about 1/5th the cost of Rockwool.
Nutrients - Another advantage to our grow medium over Rockool is nutrient availability. , Rockwool is an inert substance that does not have any nutrients in it. Chemicals/nutrients have to be added continually to Rockwool. But GreenStep Grow Medium is infused with nutrients and retains nutrients 3 times more efficiently than Rockwool.
Watering - Rockwool also dries 3 times faster than GreenStep’s Grow Medium. Because of this, water usage with our Grow Medium is far less than that needed for Rockwool. Our Grow Medium will retain water for up to 3 days and only requires a small amount of water to support plant life.
Q- Is GreenStep’s Grow Medium for hydroponic gardening only?
A- No. GreenStep’s Grow Medium can be used with traditional gardening methods and hydroponic gardening.  GreenStep’s Grow Medium is perfect for any seedling or cutting, regardless of how you intend to grow it.


Now your "Green Thumb" can be a "GreenStep Thumb." Experience the difference!


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