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Imagine getting what you want or need without having to spend any money. Now you can with GreenStep Co-op Trade & Barter. We have connections locally and nationally in over 100 different fields of expertise and thousands of members who are willing to trade or barter with you!

Barter saves cash, increases profits, and decreases the cost of doing business.

What are the goals of every business? Increase your sales by driving more customers to your business. And, decrease the costs involved in doing business. Combined, your business is far more profitable.

What is the easiest way to increase revenue and decrease costs??Through bartering the goods and services you currently have.

By bartering, you can buy the goods and services you need WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.

  • Save Cash and Increase Profits
  • Trade what you have, to get what you need
  • More Sales from New Customers
  • Have fun using barter dollars instead of cash

Save your cash and find new customers or clients now. When you barter with GreenStep Co-op, you can turn excess inventory or downtime directly into GreenStep Co-op Barter Dollars. You can use those Barter Dollars with any other GreenStep Co-op member or choose to work with thousands of businesses throughout the network. Don't spend cash - use barter instead.

Bartering is the trading of one product or service for another and typically there is no exchange of cash. GreenStep Co-op Trade & Barter is an organization of members and clients that contract with each other to jointly trade or barter property or services.

Unlike one-on-one bartering, members are not obligated to barter or purchase directly from a seller. Instead, when a member sells a product or service to another member, their barter account is credited for the fair market value of the sale. When a barter exchange member buys, the account is debited for the fair market value of the purchase. This enables you to sell what you want and buy what you want specific to your needs.

Why wait? Sign up for your free trade & barter account to start saving money and expand your opportunities!

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