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Looking for the best quality products at wholesale prices? Then you are in the right place! We have established Co-operatives that offer huge incentives and discounts to it's members. In this down economy, more and more people are growing their own food or coupon clipping to get the best prices on products. With GreenStep Co-operatives, we offer the same low prices (wholesale) to all members, all the time. 


GreenStep Foods Co-operative:

This membership offers you the opportunity to buy food from either commercial or residential Co-op members who are selling their locally grown foods. There are 3 Tiers (classifications) of food available for purchase:


Tier 1- Organically grown and fortified super food that has the highest nutrition and flavor. This superior food is grown within our Managed Farms which follow FDA standards and are grown using GreenStep's state-of-the-art technologies.


Tier 2- Grown organically by Co-op members on their own land. It is considered to be a high quality organic food. These farmers may or may not use our advanced fertilizer and some of our other technologies depending on their growing preference and technique.


Tier 3- Food grown by Co-op members on their own land but not grown organically. There may be the use of herbicides and pesticides depending on the growing preference and technique of the individual farmer. This is a wonderful way to obtain top-quality produce, locally grown at great prices.


This is a wonderful way to obtain top-quality, locally grown produce at great prices!


GreenStep Farms Co-operative:

This membership offers those interested in farming their own foos the opportunity to purchase GreenStep Farms technologies for their own growning needs at WHOLESALE prices. This includes GreenStep's nutrients, grow medium and lighting technologies. Our products are specifically designed to enhance the growth and quality of any foods you choose to grow.


These products are the highest quality products on the market today and are now available at a fraction of the retail cost to all GreenStep Farms Co-operative members!


Don't wait to start saving money, sign up today! Call (877) 504-7678 or email us at Info@GreenStep.com

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