• Energy Line of Credit

    GreenStep Energy Financial has created a unique program to help increase your Energy Savings! Our solution will give you the opportunity to finance Energy Audits, Energy Saving Technologies or Energy Producing Technologies in today’s volatile market.

    The process is very simple... show us what your businesses monthly revenue is, and we will get you a credit line equal to 1 month of your gross receivables. Example: If your monthly credit card receipts show an income of $10,000 for a month, we will lend an energy line for $10,000.

  • Tax Deductions

    We at GreenStep Energy can assist you on any applicable energy credit or deductions as well! Below are some of the guidelines for your clarity on the difference between tax credits, tax deductions and tax incentives for your perusal.

    Don't worry, we will help you out with this step of your energy efficiency journey as well...

    Tax Deductions for Commercial Buildings

    The Department of Energy, through the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s (EERE) Building Technologies Program all work closely with the building industry and manufacturers to conduct research and development on technologies and practices for energy efficiency. The Department also promotes energy and money-saving opportunities to builders and consumers. They also work with state and local regulatory groups to improve building codes and appliance standards.

  • Utility Bill Audits (Business)

    Reclaiming the Original Green

    • 15% Average savings identified in audits
    • 70% Audited companies being overcharged

    Pay less for the energy you use

    During the current economic downturn, most companies in America are working on reducing costs.  Most cost-cutting measures are quite obvious to experienced managers, but what 70% of sEnergy's clients have found is that substantial reimbursements and ongoing savings were hiding in their utility bills.

  • Energy Efficient Mortgage


    An Energy Efficient Mortgage is a version of a mortgage that allows you to take money toward energy improvements without being penalized for it. We provide the the energy audit,, and the technologies that will help you. We then intall and impliment these technologies. We will even provide the financing for you if you would like. We are the one stop shop...The bottom line is, no matter what claims others may make about the energy performance of the home you are buying, YOU are one who will paying the bills once you move in. An Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) Can Help You Take Control Of The Energy Performance Of Your Home.

  • Energy Audits (Home)


    Similar to our Business Audit, GreenStep Energy will do a full audit of your home to determine the best possible alternatives in making your home more energy efficient. By increasing your homes efficiency you will see dramatic savings in your utility bills. GreenStep Energy's Mission Statement is, "To help everyone become Free, Independent and Secure with all of their energy needs" and one of the ways we do this is by offering these types of services to you.

  • The American Dream

    How would you like to get rid of your Power Bill? How about no heating and Gas Bill? What if you could be self reliant without any Utility Bills, all with the same payment that you are paying today to your utility provider? Click the image for a short presentation of how to live the American Dream Today!

Gyro Garden and Gyro Farm


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